Smart Technology

IoT and smart technology are now increasingly present in our daily lives and their use can improve common well-being and avoid unwanted accidents especially for the most fragile people. has always supported the prevention of harmful uses of the IoT and instead encourages its use aimed at improving the well-being of the population and developing advantageous approaches. The use of IoT and AI for non-invasive monitoring of the elderly is a concrete example of the commitment supported by
The Senior Safety® kit is conceived, designed and implemented thanks to a smart technology capable of digitizing and making all the data collected by the sensors usable.
The motion, light and door sensors collect data that is transmitted from the devices to the operations center thanks to a LoraWAN network. All data is stored in the Cloud, according to GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified regulations, and becomes accessible in a secure way for the end user. The end user sees and scans the data on the desktop platform or mobile APP.

Movements Sensors

Sensor that detects all the movements of the elderly in the house

Bed Sensor

Sensor that detects the presence of the elderly in bed

Position Sensor

Sensor that detects the presence of the position of the elderly

Door Sensor

Sensor that detects the opening and closing of doors and windows

Movements and areas access

Thanks to smart technology, sophisticated but, at the same time, simple to manage, the Senior Safety® sensors detect the position of the person inside the home and signal possible anomalous behaviour, dangers or the possibility of accidents.

There are many contexts in which the elderly person alone at home or in a structure can find himself in danger or can show behaviors that can cause suspicion. For example, if a loved one goes into the bathroom and stays there for a long time, opens the fridge many times or, even worse, doesn't come home in the evening, Senior Safety® records the data and shares it promptly so as to allow those duty to intervene in a timely manner to help the person.

Sleep quality and vital signs

With the installation of a Senior Safety® Kit and the use by the elderly of a smart watch with bluetooth technology, the App allows relatives, tutors or social workers to view and control behaviour, health status, vital signs and movements of the person. It is also possible to set a reminder on medicines to be administered, medical and pharmacological records, allergies and blood group.

The sensors of the Senior Safety® elderly monitoring APP monitor the sleep quality of the elderly, recording information such as REM cycle, heart rate, breathing, etc.

A special device under the mattress records the person's presence in bed, how long he sleeps on average per night and the quality of his rest.

All in compliance with the independence and dignity of the person (without destabilizing it) and with the regulations in force (GDPR). Senior Safety® makes it possible to monitor continuously and in real time the state of physical and psychological health of the person, with the need for intervention therefore limited to cases of need or emergencies.