The plus of the seniors app

Why order Senior Safety APP?

Which are the real benefits of the Senior Safety APP? Why contact us to order the smart kit immediately and start using the first APP dedicated to the health and safety of the elderly?

Senior Safety allows you to monitor constantly the health of your loved ones, thus offering the possibility to intervene promptly in the event of problems or accidents at home. The safety of the elderly closest to you is guaranteed by a precise, functional and easy-to-use system, both for you, for the tutor or the elderly person himself.

Thanks to the use of new digital technologies, it is therefore possible to monitor the elderly with non-invasive devices, improving their quality of life by addressing the issue of autonomy in their own home in total safety.

Home Safety

The integration of IoT systems at home makes it a safe place to improve safety of your loved ones

Continuous and Constant Monitoring

Senior Safety APP offers a continuous and constant monitoring of the state of health and behavioral habits of your loved ones

Smart Technology

The kit to be installed in the home and the watch for the elderly offer simplicity and intuitive functions

Independence / Dignity combination

The APP offers the elderly person perfect combination of independence and dignity without destabilizing him in any way

Medication Reminders

Senior Safety APP is able to set a functional reminder for drugs administration

Permissive costs and high performance

Order your Senior Safety APP now: costs are absolutely permissive and app performances are really excellent