Senior Safety

Technology can generate autonomy that improves not only the quality of life of the elderly, but also of those who do not have the opportunity to devote much time to the care of the latter.

The Senior Safety App integrates IoT devices making the home and the outdoors in which the elderly live a safe and always controlled environment. Through the installation of a Smart Home Kit in the person's home together with a wearable device with LoRa and LTE technology, we will be able to analyze behavior, health, vital parameters, movements thanks to the support of tutors and social workers. The app will allow you to set a reminder on the drugs to be administered, clinical, drug, allergy, blood group, all in compliance with current regulations (GDPR) to protect the citizen.

This implies the need to provide more assistance. The elderly prefer to live and grow old within the walls of their homes rather than in a different structure, which leads to assistance and a waste of human resources far greater than normal.

SENIOR SAFETY: insieme abbiamo a cuore ai Tuoi cari!

We must therefore focus on the ability of the elderly to become independent. This can also happen thanks to the use of technology and the implementation of the IoT in the daily life of the elderly.

When we talk about IoT in the home context, the first thought is that of the smart home: the ability to have an intelligent environment that can help those who live there simplify many basic functions.

Often, however, the psychology of the elderly must be taken into account: the refusal to technology or simply the refusal to get helped is not something easy.

In this way, a continuous and real-time monitoring of the state of physical and mental health is possible, and if necessary, it is possible to intervene in response to emergencies and behavioral changes of the individual such as the requirement of hospitalization in appropriate structures.


The data that are displayed through the App allows the analysis and control of:

  • Movements of the elderly
  • Access to the rooms of the house
  • Hours spent in bed
  • Habits analysis
  • Time spent in the rooms
  • Support with emergency light
  • Alarms with light projection
  • Vital parameters
  • GPS track
  • Wearable device

Senior Safety APP monitors vital parameters such as: cardio, blood saturation, count steps, sleep phases.

Senior Card

  • Analysis
  • Board
  • Tutor
  • Activities
  • Relative
  • Map

Thanks to the “Board” TAB it is possible to view the operating status of the KIT components (battery level, sensors on / off). In the "Tutor" and "Relative" TAB, there are direct contacts of the senior managers or relatives who can be notified in case of emergency.

Senior Safety for Private People

Are you a private person?

Do you want to use Senior Safety solution for your loved ones? Learn more about VALUE FOR YOU kit and all the advantages to monitor their health status. 

Senior Safety B2B Solution

Are you an Insurance Company, a Corporation, a Public or Private Health Body, a Senior Retirement Home?

Senior Safety is the ideal solution for large-scale monitoring of fragile population. Learn more about B2B proposition for Companies and Public Administration to monitor psychophysical health status of the elderly and to transform the place in which they live in a safe area.