Senior Safety
IoT for the Elderly

Smart home kit to monitor the wellness
of your loved ones.
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Monitor the health of your loved ones

Senior Safety is the first APP that makes the home for the elderly a safe and constantly monitored area. Through smart devices it is possible to monitor the physical and psychological health of the person and give immediate help in case of emergency. What can you control?


Monitor the older person's movements during day and night.

Room Access

Control access to the various areas and rooms, both internal and external.

Sleep quality

Monitor the quality of sleep, and the elderly person's real hours of sleep.

Beat and Breath

Constantly monitor your heart rate and breathing, also as a prevention of COVID-19 infection

Senior Safety APP Plus

Thanks to the use of new digital technologies, it is possible to monitor the elderly with non-invasive devices, improving their quality of life by addressing the issue of autonomy within their own home in total safety.

Home security

Integration of IoT systems at home to make it a safe and controlled place.

Medication Reminder

The APP is able to set a reminder for the drugs administration.

Smart Technology

The kit to be installed at home and clock for the elderly offer simplicity and intuitive functions.

Continuous Monitoring

Senior Safety offers continuous monitoring of the state of health and behavioral habits.

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Why order our APP?

Discover Senior Safety

The elderly prefer to live and grow old within the walls of their homes rather than in a different structure, which leads to assistance and a waste of human resources far greater than normal. We must therefore focus on the ability of the elderly to become independent. This can also happen thanks to the use of technology and the implementation of the IoT in the daily life of the elderly.

Inside APP

Senior Safety APP Sections

What are the sections of the Senior Safety APP? What do you find inside the APP after downloading it? Here are some of the sections present:
  • Registration or Login as Admin, Tutor or Relative
  • Consultation of the list of the elderly entrusted to the Tutors
  • Consultation of the Boards, State of operation
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports
  • Customization of behavioral thresholds for elderly
  • Alarms
  • Contacts lists

App Screenshot

Some of the screenshots of our app dedicated to the health and well-being of the elderly close to you.

Senior Safety APP Blog

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